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You asked, and we delivered!

With every family reunion, high school reunion, or any other event you’re planning with family and friends, there’s always the challenge of organizing photos into one place. Everyone has photos on their personal computers, their phones, and sometimes, still printed out and in boxes in the garage.

Now, all guests from your family reunion or high school reunion can upload photos to ONE PLACE, your Reunacy group


Easy Photo Sharing in One Digital Location

With your exclusive Reunacy group, all of your precious moments and photos can be easily stored, organized, and viewed by everyone. 

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Before the Event

As you plan your event in Reunacy and invite all your guests to the platform, sharing photos photos from years ago, or from your last event, can be a fun way to get people excited for the upcoming event!

If you’re trying to organize a slideshow for your upcoming event, this feature gives you a very easy way for everyone to contribute photos into one place to make the slideshow even better!


During the Event

Encourage your guests to upload their photos as the event is happening! 

During the event, many guests will be turning to the Reunacy directory to remember names and faces. This is a perfect time for guests to take photos together and save them to the platform to cherish forever.

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After the Event

Depending on how many guests attended your event, there will be dozens, if not hundreds of photos dispersed on everyone’s phones. This is the moment where the Reunacy photo feature becomes invaluable. Instead of emailing, calling and texting everyone to send the photos to you, every guest can simply upload their photos from their phones and computers. It’s really that simple!



Our Why: Keeping the Memories Alive

One of the most heartwarming activities you can do after an event is to look through photos of the memories made at your family reunion or high school reunion. Fostering relationships and connections is one of our core values at Reunacy. And that is exactly why we developed this new feature for you.

You and your event attendees will now have an easier way to share photo memories that will be cherished and viewed long after the event takes place.


Efficient Communication and Photo Sharing

Sharing pictures from your event is easy, simple, and convenient with Reunacy. 

Our new feature is your digital photo album for your event. 

Unlike other platforms or online groups that can easily become disorganized with posts and event details all over the “posting wall,” you can upload your photos into the Photo section of your Reunacy group, keeping the member directory and event details in a separate tab.

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How to Upload Your Photos To Reunacy


To upload photos to your exclusive Reunacy group, you and any member of your group simply needs to login to Reunacy.

 Once you’re in your group, upload your media from your computer or your phone.

Upload new photo or media to Reunacy

After you upload your photo, you can add a little more information to the photo for your group. You can add the location, the name of the people in the photo, and a little description of the moment for everyone to enjoy.

Adding information to your photo upload on Reunacy

Try our newest feature today out today by creating an Exclusive Reunacy group!

At Reunacy, we value getting together… and we want those memories to last a lifetime. And the best part of getting together is cherishing those memories and keeping the bonds strong, even when you don’t get to see your family and friends until the next get together.

Keep making those memories 🙂