Best Practices & How-To Guide

Whether you’re organizing a group or working on your own profile, here are some tips to make your content look great and get even more out of your group.

Your Profile

Email Address

  • Personal: When signing up, we recommend using a personal email address that won’t change due to work or school
  • Group: If you’re the admin of your group, you can advise the other people you invite to use their personal email accounts too

Profile Photo

  • Style: Use a photo where you’re facing forward so it’s easy to recognize you on the full group page
  • Selfie: If you don’t have a recent photo handy, snap a selfie with your phone from the shoulders up
  • Quality: Try to use a high resolution photo (like one from your phone) so that the photo is clear and not grainy
  • Zoom: Use the portrait guideline so you can see the right amount to zoom in on your photo

Your Bio

  • Plans: Talk about where you’re headed next in terms of job opportunities, school, and trips
  • Memories: Share a few thoughts on your favorite moments with your group
  • People: Call out the people and relationships from your group that were special to you
  • Length: Don’t try to summarize everything, stick to the highlights and keep it to a few paragraphs

Your List

  • Discover: Note people that you’d like to follow up with or get to know better
  • Remember: Use your list as a quick way to remember who you connected with recently
  • Filter: Use the filter on the yearbook page to quickly find those in your list

Group Settings

Group Name and Color

  • Name: For college and high school grads, your group name will usually be the name of your school
  • Subtitle: If you’re creating a group for your whole graduating class this can be “Class of 2020”, or for a specific group it can be the name of your team, house, etc.
  • Color: Pick the option that best fits with your school colors
Group Settings

Event Planning

  • Digital: Share a link for Zoom or any other video platform
  • In-Person: Set the address of the venue
  • RSVP: See who’s attending at a glance
  • Discussion Board: Chat about ideas, get feedback, and share photos before, during, and after the event
  • Tickets: If you’re charging for the event, share the price and a link to collect payments
Event Planning Details

Group Description

  • Overview: Explain what this group is for and what connects everyone together
  • Information: Share any important details about upcoming events, or links to social accounts or upcoming Zoom get togethers 
  • People: List any notable people or organizers in the group that others might need to get in touch with
  • Length: Try to stay focused on the most recent or most important information so that details don’t get missed
Group Description

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