Because you haven’t seen everyone in forever.

Whether it’s for your college or high school class, or a collection of friends and family, Reunacy gives you an easy way to reconnect and plan future hangouts.

Used by folks from high schools and universities across the country

Looks like a yearbook, delivers so much more…

During this time of lockdown and separation, the need for connections is stronger than ever. Reunacy provides a simple way to bring your group together, share what you’re doing, and make new memories.

However your group connects, Reunacy makes it stronger

Video calls, group chat, invites — they’re fine for communicating but fall way short when it comes to actually knowing who everyone is within a group.

Reunacy is the perfect complement to fill in the faces, names, interests, and contact info to connect everyone together.

Your People

Noise Free

Totally Private

Shared Memories

For your college or high school class…

Get a snapshot of everyone’s lives

It’s so easy to lose track and lose touch.

Reunacy gives you one easy spot to catch up on what everyone’s been doing personally and professionally.

Discover new people in the group

People change and relationships evolve.

Even if you weren’t close with someone back in the day, there’s no reason you can’t find ways to connect now.

For your family reunion or friendly get-together…

Share a fun story with video

Nothing sparks memories like video.

With custom prompts everyone has a chance to share  old stories, what you’re up to now, or just a quick “hello” to the group.

Organize a hangout or future reunion

It’s time to start planning.

With Reunacy you can set up events and send out group messages to share the details.

It’s really simple to get started…


Create Your Group


Invite Your People


Connect & Share

Stay connected even when we're apart

Reunacy is totally free to get started. We offer paid plans for large groups and organizations, but there will always be a free option to keep your people together.

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