A living yearbook to keep your group together

The class of 2020 has had things taken away and been told to stay apart. Reunacy is giving college and high school grads a place to hang on to all the important relationships you’ve made. Because graduation shouldn’t mean goodbye.  

Used by grads at high schools and universities across the country

For your whole class, or a small group

Whether you’re the chair of your college or high school class, or part of a club, team, house, or organization, you can start a group for those relationships.

Keep everyone’s info together now, and for when life gets back to normal.

Connect, without all the noise

There are plenty of places to message each other already.

Reunacy is a private space to connect  without an endless stream of ads, debates, DMs, and notifications.

You didn’t expect this, neither did we…

Once upon a time before the world flipped on its head, we were working on a way for people to get more out of reunions — like the kind where people talk or even have physical contact.

In-person get togethers are out right now, but the need for connections is as strong as ever. We felt like the class of 2020 in particular might be open to helping us try out a new way to help people stay together.

We hope it can be the bridge we need between lockdown and future hangouts.

Your People

Noise Free

Totally Private

Shared Memories

Get even more out of your group

Even with the people you know well, you may not realize everything you have in common.

This is an easy way to learn more about friends and discover people you didn’t have a chance to connect with in the past.       

Lean into your relationships

Your class has been through a lot together.

The relationships you built can help in all kinds of ways with this next leg of the journey, and for the long run.

Create a personal list

Add people that you’d like to follow up with later on or get to know better. 

Filter the yearbook page to spot the people you need to remember or who you’ve connected with recently. 

Share a memory from the past 4 years

This is a chance to record a quick thought on something that made you laugh, something you’re proud of, or just what this moment means to you.

We’ll give you some questions and then you can say whatever’s on your mind.

Create or join multiple groups

You can join a group for your whole class and create a group for your other relationships.

Academic clubs, sports teams, the band, greek houses, the school paper, your dorm hall, and everything in between.

Designed to help:

High School Grads…

  • See where everyone is going next — what college, what job, what trip
  • Share a moment or memory you don’t want to forget
  • Set a time to hangout on video, and eventually in person

College Grads…

  • See what internships or job opportunities people have found
  • Spot people you wanted to know better but never had a chance to connect with
  • Start planning a “make up” graduation or that first reunion in the coming year

And really simple to start up…


Start Your Group


Invite Your People


Connect & Share

We can stay together even if we're apart

Reunacy is totally free to use. Eventually we'll offer paid plans for groups, but there will always be a free option to keep your people together.

Click below to start your group.