Reunite with the people who matter most

Reunacy is the friendliest way to plan your next reunion with family, classmates, or any other group of people that are important in your life.

Get all the best parts of an online directory and an events app in one

Unlike a social network that’s only designed to show you ads, Reunacy was built from the ground up for a very different purpose: Bring People Together.

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People trust Reunacy to bring their people together

Class Reunions

Class Reunions

Get your classmates back together online and plan your next event.

Family Reunions

Family Reunions

Finally all your family member information will be in one easy spot.

Other Groups

Groups and Events

Reunacy works for other types of groups and gatherings too.

Your People

Noise Free

Private Space

Shared Memories

Get a snapshot of everyone’s lives

It’s so easy to lose track and lose touch.

Reunacy gives you one easy spot to catch up on what everyone’s been doing personally and professionally.

Friend Info and Bio
Plan An Event

Organize your reunion or event

Start planning that in-person get-together.

Group organizers can set up events and send out messages to share the details.

Share your pics in one spot

Don’t let your photos get scattered.

Exclusive Groups get access to photo albums so that everyone can see, save, and share their best pics in one spot.

Share and upload photos
Communicate with the group

Keep everyone in the loop

Send a message no matter where you are.

Exclusive Groups can use a private message feed to exchange ideas, confirm details about the reunion, and send a funny meme or two (or ten).

Discover new connections

Not sure who to talk to at the reunion?

Our Fun Insights feature for Exclusive Groups helps you connect with and learn about other members…or you can have it write a funny poem to share with the group.

Fun insights about your group's members
Create member profiles

Easily create profiles for people

Build a profile for anyone in your group.

Whether you want to help someone start a profile and then hand it off, or represent a person who can’t manage a profile themselves or has passed away, you have options.

Print a directory of your group

Connections aren’t limited to the digital world.

Our Exclusive Groups include a feature to print a directory of your group members so you can share with folks offline, too!

Print A Group Directory
Record A Video Story

Share something fun with video

Nothing sparks memories like video.

With custom prompts everyone has a chance to share  old stories, what you’re up to now, or just a quick “hello” to the group.

Never Forget Someone’s Name At An Event

30 seconds after meeting, “What was her name?”

There’s nothing worse than being at a get-together and forgetting who someone is. Reunacy is a nametag cheatsheet in your pocket.

Virtual Nametag

It’s super easy to get started…


Create Your Group


Invite Your People


Get Reunited

Reunited and it feels so good

Reunacy is totally free to get started. Have a large group? Learn about our Exclusive option.

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